Beasley Project (including Beesley, Beazley, Beezley)

Everything about all Beasley's and descendants of all spellings and all time, world wide

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FTDNA and World Families

World FamiliesWorld Families is an organization headed by Terry Barton contracting with FTDNA to provide advice and support for DNA Surname Projects

Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) is the organization that does the testing and determines the results

Connection with WF is not required, but Terry helped start the Beasley project and is an excellent resource. Each of these websites have helpful tools.



Over the past year, my (Doug Beezley) genealogy work has been conducted with Ancestry and Family Tree Maker. I have begun to develop and expand existing genealogies associated with the DNA Project. These lines are located at as Private, non-searchable trees. Anyone who can be placed in one of these trees is invited access.